InnoPlay studies represent the first international endeavour to investigate PLEs in curriculum-based learning and in education by conducting researches in primary school settings in Finland , in the Netherlands, and in the U.S. The studies are based on Design-Based Research with the intent of producing new theories, artefacts, and practices, that impact teaching and learning in both formal and informal settings. Research data consists of observations, video recording, interviews and questionnaires, and analyzes using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

The results of this co-project will constitute valuable findings on teaching, playing and learning processes, while playfulness, physicality and creativity are emphasized in learning. In addition, the project will produce, in co-operation with national and international partners, a shared conceptual language that contributes to understandings of teaching and learning processes in playful learning environments. To help PLEs realize their full potential for education, it is critical to evaluate them, not just in terms of their effects on learning but also on other important outcomes, like satisfaction and well-being, as well.

Following studies have been recently published:

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