InnoEdu - Education with Innovation

Co-project of the InnoSchool Consortium Project

The main rationale of the InnoEdu Project is to conduct research on new contexts of the future school, on teachers' and learners' pedagogical processes and on curriculum and steering system of future school. Future learners' pedagogical processes take place in both physical and virtual environments and have formal and informal phases. The focus of the InnoEdu Project is to find out, shape and structure the interfaces between formal education and informal learning. In addition, teachers need to be familiarized with informal learning, and integrate the students' skills acquired especially in virtual informal environments.

Curriculum theory and design is also reconsidered to support the balance between different learning processes and environments. The future curriculum needs to align with both informal and formal forms of pedagogical processes and to function as a mediator between the school and the society. Curriculum need to be seen as a framework for combining educational aims and subject matter.

In addition, InnoEdu is studying and developing software for multi-camera analysis. This is intensively related to classroom observations and video data gathering, which provides an authentic classroom video data for usability and development of the software.

The practical outcomes of InnoEdu include:

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