InnoSchool - Innovative School Concept for the Future

InnoSchool has ended. In these pages we still publish the results of InnoSchool.
InnoSchool-hanke on päättynyt. Näillä sivuilla julkaistaan edelleen hankkeen tuloksia. Hankkeen loppuraporttina julkaistiin kirja:

InnoSchool - välittävä koulu. Oppimisen verkostot, ympäristöt ja pedagogiikka, toim. Riitta Smeds, Leena Krokfors, Heli Ruokamo ja Aija Staffans (in Finnish)
InnoSchool-hankkeen kirja on tilattavissa SimLabista. Painosta on jäljellä rajoitettu määrä. Hinta: 50,00 € (sis ALV 9% ja postituskulut) Tilaukset: anna.kaipainen[at]


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InnoSchool Result seminar was organized in 18th of January 2011. Download the material from the seminar.

The goal of InnoSchool was to develop the Future School Concept: a set of research-based good practices, processes, models and designs, and recommendations for their successful combinations in the Future School. InnoSchool consists of four co-projects:

These co-projects conducted research and developmental work on the schools from their different scientific perspectives: architecture and urban planning; playful learning environments; education and the teaching–studying–learning process; and process and innovation management. The synergy between the four co-projects was achieved through theoretical dialogue that applied a joint Concept Design framework, and through collaborative empirical case studies on selected pilot schools.

InnoSchool collaborated with Stanford University / SCIL and University of California, Santa Barbara. It was funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes, the Cities of Espoo, Helsinki, and Rovaniemi, and partner companies. InnoSchool was coordinated by SimLab in Aalto University.

InnoSchool researched and developed schools, with the final goal to develop the Innovative School Concept. The project was divided into two subsequent parts: 01.1.2007 - 31.8.2008, and 1.9.2008 - 31.12.2010. The first part provided the basic theoretical and empirical foundations. The second, more applied part continued to develop the Future School Concept towards the global market.

The final result of InnoSchool was the Future School Concept. It is the research-based set of recommendable models, practices, processes and structures, concerning the architecture, playful environments, education, and services, and the guiding principles how to combine them into successful configurations that best support learning in the Future School.